Why Are They A Problem?

Other than being a nuisance, why is Patriot Front a problem?

Patriot Front spreads fake facts. They attempt to use patriotism as a poor explanation for their actions. They mask it with the idea of preserving the ethnic and cultural origins of their European ancestors. This is confusing for people. If uneducated, it can lead people to believe that this is an example of patriotism.

Patriot Front was responsible for 80% of racist, antisemitic and other hateful messages tracked in the U.S. by the Anti-Defamation League last year in its annual report on white supremacist propaganda. –SA Current

This group targets a variety of people, including those who are Muslim, Jewish, African American, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. They spread their hate through the unlawful posting of banners, flyers, posters and stickers.

Central Michigan Life - Coded for violence: How militias, white nationalist  groups operate in mid-Michigan
Examples of propaganda created by Patriot Front. These were posters left at CMU.

When there is an increased amount of white supremacist propaganda, this behavior becoming normalized remains a concern. If people become unfazed by this use of propaganda, it can lead to a lack of action taken against it, or worse, people blindly supporting it.

Another problem with this group is their targeting of young adults by placing their propaganda on college campuses. I believe this is done intentionally, to try to spark more interest for their group.

Patriot Front Stickers left at State College