What’s Been Done About It? What Else Can We Do?

“The ideas espoused by the Patriot Front are completely antithetical to UMW’s community values.” Billingsley continued, “as a community that resists bigotry, racism, and exclusion, Mary Washington has no place for groups such as the Patriot Front.”

-Anna Billingsley

Quote pulled from 2018 Blue & Gray Press article

So, what’s been done at UMW to combat this group?

Firstly, UMW is quick to respond to any issue on campus with this group. UMW police or other officials will document the case, remove the sticker, then the UMW community will receive an email regarding the incident.

Email from UMW officials about the most recent Patriot Front incident in March

What else could UMW & other universities be doing in regards to prevention?

For starters, I believe education is a big aspect of prevention. This group is not widely known, partly due to them only being a few years old, and also their size. There is a positive and negative to this lack of popularity. It is a positive that their group does not have a large amount of followers, where their ideals are so hateful and negative. However, it can make it hard for people to be aware of this group and to know what to look out for. Making sure all members of the community are informed, not just UMW students, is a great first step in prevention. When people know what to look for, they can report these incidents sooner, and also report any suspicious activities.

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The Spirit Rock at UMW was painted with the phrase “hate has no home here” in response to propaganda posted by Patriot Front on UMW’s campus

This issue is not something that is going to go away over night, but it is something that can be diminished over time. With community awareness and quick response to any incidents, it will make it more challenging for Patriot Front to affect our school.